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Various Artists

thank you and goodnight

live onstage at Bonnaroo & Vegoose.

various artists

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Detailed Description
Brushfire Records, Superfly Presents, and ThinkIndie bring you Jack Johnson! ALO! Money Mark! Matt Costa! G Love! John Cruz! All live onstage at Bonnaroo & Vegoose.

CD Track Listing:
1. Take You There – cruz john and Special Sauce
2. Wasting Time – ALO
3. Staple It Together – Jack Johnson
4. Songs We Sing – Matt Costa
5. Color of Your Blue – Money Mark
6. Constellations – Jack Johnson
7. Hot Cookin – G. Love and Special Sauce
8. Barbeque – ALO
9. These Arms – Matt Costa
10. Island Style – John Cruz featuring Jack Johnson